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Do Halfords Sell 4D Number Plates?

Number Plates from Halfords

Halfords is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading retailers for motoring and cycling products and services.

Known for their extensive car accessories range, they also supply large quantities of number plates to the general public every single year.

Therefore, with the premium-style plate industry currently booming, many people wonder whether they can purchase these plates from Halfords or not.

Do Halfords Sell 4D Number Plates?

The short answer: sort of.

Halfords do sell 4D 3mm number plates in store, but they don’t seemingly offer a 4D 5mm variation, nor any Gel character options.

Furthermore, you can’t order their 4D number plates online.

Why Choose 4D Number Plates?

Whilst 4D number plates are already a big hit with the car community, they are becoming more and more popular with the average driver.

4D number plates elevate your ride by transforming the aesthetic of your vehicle. Their raised laser-cut characters create a bold style, allowing drivers to express their personalities on the road.

If you are looking to customise your car, 4D number plates should be your next upgrade!

Where To Buy 4D Number Plates From?

If you wanted to buy 4D number plates from Halfords but didn’t due to their lack of options and their online absence, don’t worry – Aplates has you covered.

As a DVLA registered number plate supplier with over 50,000 happy customers, Aplates is the UK’s Number 1 Supplier of 3D and 4D Number Plates!

We ensure our 4D number plates are road legal by produciung them in compliance with DVLA regulations and the BS AU 145e standard.

Not only that, but our vast range of styles allow you to delve into the next dimension of personalised automotive design, elevating your car’s aesthetic to the next level.

We have invested heavily in the equipment required to produce premium, high-quality products. This is exemplified in each and every plate we make, as we take the utmost care throughout the production process. We endeavour to provide customers with the very best experience available on the market.


Whilst Halfords may be your go-to place for many of your automotive needs, when it comes to 4D number plates, Aplates is your only destination.

Try out our state-of-the-art number plate builder now and experience new levels of customisation.